Skin Solutions Reverse Ageing

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  • Laser Combo includes x6 treatments

    Using gentle microneedling to open the skin and produce collagen with plasma blood DNA and followed by laser resurfacing. Perfect for aged, Rosesea/red ruddy skin. Or dry, vascular skin. Results; skin looks younger, less red, less vascular. Skin is sterilised and fresher and calmer looking. Photo ageing reduced 5-8 years. Treatments every 3-4 weeks. Book your free consultation on this reversing package.

    £1200 pay later and spread the cost

  • MEGA LIFT – non surgical facelift

    Our best lifting face lift treatment plan that lifts and volumises the skin perfect for those not ready for a facelift but wanting a long-lasting result from the non-surgical sector.

    Includes- x6 deep 2ml micro needling, and strong combined muscle lifting throughout- perfect retaining of the muscle and skin. Followed by cheek implants. This treatment works deep for a natural preservation of the skin and reversing photo ageing.

    £1000 pay later and spread the cost

  • Worldwide Vampire Face includes x6 treatments

    Injections of your plasma are pushed into deep lines, followed by derma rolling to create new cells, focusing on full face and areas of lines and volume loss. Perfect for static lines, discolouration, pigmentation and deep set lines and ageing. Results; Reduction in lines, face is lifted and discolouration is reduced. Photo ageing reversed by 6-8 years. Book a free consultation on this package for further information.

    £999 pay later and spread the cost

  • Microplump included x6 treatments

    Treatment Book a free consultation for the new microplump. Perfect for aged/dry and loss of volume/ thin skin. This treatment plan combines micro-needles (micro needling) to produce baby collagen, followed by medical graded HA to be pushed deeply into the skin. Results; volume is restored, skin is younger, bouncy and Photo ageing reversed around 5-8 years. Treatments are weekly to two weekly. Book this educational consultation to find out more about what this treatment plan can achieve. A customer favourite.

    £900- pay later and spread the cost


    Perfect for complete volume loss in older skins to give instant results
    Includes jawline correction, mouth lines, full cheeks, a choice between eyes and lips depending on and finishing with a plumping HA facial treatment for the ultimate hydration treatment. Results- volumized younger looking skin

    £800 (savings on individual treatments )

  • Acne Reverse – includes x6 treatments

    Peels are used to sterilise the skin, unclog deep infections and repair scarring, ruddy undertone caused by aggravated skin type. Perfect for acne, scarring, acne breakouts and prevention of further damage to skin. Results; skin is reduced in congestion, redness and scarring. Skin oil production is normalised. Book a free consultation for further information. Our packages include the best medical graded products with detailed pre/post care for a safer and realistic result. Our treatments we believe match the skin types/conditions for reversing ageing and treating problematic skin.

    £700 pay later and spread the cost

  • Peel and Microplump – includes x6 treatments

    Using a combination of Medical peel and micro-needles, pushing HA into the skin, followed by collagen and LED light. Perfect for thick, dry, aged/ageing and sun damaged skin. Results; skin thickness is reduced, repair and younger looking. Photo ageing is reduced by around 5- 8 years. Book a free consultation for this treatment method and to find out more.

    £700 pay later and spread the cost

  • Peel Away – includes x6 treatments

    A combination of medical peels, treatment masks, products and LED light therapy. Perfect for general ageing, lines and wrinkles, thick skin, acne, combination skins, scarring and dull skin.

    £600 pay later and spread the cost

  • Ultrasound Calm Combo – includes x6 treatments

    Using deep ultrasound and laser correction therapy to sterilise and calm the skin. Perfect for mild rosesea, sensitive and ageing skin. Results; reduction in redness, skin is plumper, calmer and hydrated. Better condition. Book a free consultation to find out more information.

    £600 pay later and spread the cost


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