Skin Solutions Maintain Ageing

Welcome to our Advanced Clinical Skincare Department

Here offer the best advanced skin treatments for face and body, anti-ageing and skin conditions.

In this area we have clinical oversight for treatments that are more advanced such as fillers, lasers, chemical peels and so on.

Our large open plan treatment room is great for safety and ensuring a detailing service for aesthetic treatments, however we do protect your privacy and we also offer a private medical room.

Clinical oversight is very important for these types of treatments and as a team, we work with trained phlebotomists, Doctors, Nurse practitioners and aestheticians in house to bring you the mixture of expertise needed. Skin Solutions are a team of 20 years’ experience and very talented experts all working together to deliver the best advice, clinical oversight and homecare support.

Opening page for training- Skin Solutions offer regulated training to get you the qualifications, keeping up with the laws. Our training is following OFQUAL standards and holds the key to the better detail and education is aesthetic skincare. Check out our Skin Solutions Maintain Ageing treatments below.

Plasma Facial

The Plasma Facial is an advanced anti- ageing treatment. This treatment promotes proteins that increase collagen and is known for rejuvenating the skin. This treatment is perfect for anyone that wants plumper, rejuvenated and more radiant skin. The results from the Plasma Facial are a reduction in deep creases, and tightens the outside layer of the skin. Results are, tighter, smoother skin with immediate effect, with long lasting results.



Aqua Facial

Aqua treatment is a great treatment using water, micro-dermabration , oxygen, electro mesotherapy and a mild medical peel. Results are an instant plumping of the epidermis with the skin looking brighter and fresher. Perfect before a party or after reverse treatments that can dry the skin. Filler Facial £89 Using HA product to repair deep volume loss, without the need for needles. Perfect for aged, sun damaged and fragile skin in desperate need of repairing.



Hifu Facelift

A non-surgical facelift to target full face or certain areas and finishing with hydration and plumping. An alternative to going under the knife, it is the only technology that can reach the SMAS layer (as performed in surgery) one treatment only is needed and results can last up to 18 Months depending.



Luxury Hifu Facelift

Full face and neck, non-surgical facelift with micro-dermabration, finishing with deep hydration and LED light to calm. Long lasting results, alternative to facelift.



Hifu Eyelift

A deep tightening of the under eye and around the brow line to create lift and tighten. Great for ageing eyes, deep lines and dark circles. One treatment only needed.



Hifu Jowl Lift

A deep SMAS layer tightening as using in surgery to contract and lift the jowls, results can be seen straight after treatment and continue working for up to eight weeks, where it reaches it pinnacle point. One treatment only needed.



Skin Tightening, MD and LED Light Treatment

Radio frequency, micro-dermabration and LED light therapy are used with advanced serums to hydrate tighten loose skin. This treatment contracts the collagen fibres to reduce skin circumference, perfect for crapey skin, scarring or general ageing.


Book a free consultation for our relaxing and comfortable technical treatments that leave your skin, new and refreshed and fight back against the ageing process- or use our book and pay and save a 10% on all aesthetic treatments.


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