Train in quality, sales and the most affordable/safe equipment available. GROW your salons with us.

Skin Solutions pride themselves on training ambitious students and business owners to take their first steps in carving a successful career within the aesthetics industry.
Founder and director of Skin Solutions Training Academy, Tracey Rawlinson is a specialist in the North-East area of the UK, Manchester, for full Aesthetic treatment training and supplier of equipment, machines and all the tools you need, complimented with marketing and profit growing advice.
Training provides full theory training and in depth practical, hands on experience to ensure you have the knowledge, confidence and qualifications to treat your clients.
Certified and accredited training given, laws and qualification are constantly changing make sure your treatment, services and qualifications are up to date and introducing new services to expand your range for your clients.
On completion of training you will be awarded a certificate recognised by all leading aesthetic insurance companies.


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Training Courses include:

  • Plasma Eye Lift

  • Plasma Medical

  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation

  • Vaginal Tightening

  • Sales Training

  • Hifu Facelifting

  • Pulsar Laser Treatments

  • Plasma Pen Training

  • Lipo Cavitation Training

  • Skin Tightening Advanced Training

  • Chryopolisis Fat Freezing

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation and more………..

  • Thread Vein Removal

Book your training with us and get the best prices around for Pulsar technologies. Advance your salon with quality training, quality technology and advanced sales techniques and yet AFFORDABLE.
Sales director and supplier for machines and training .
Hands on practical sessions are the most important part of our aesthetic training. Carried out under the guidance of our trainers who can offer advice and support along the way.
The training can be carried out in our state of the art clinic, not only giving you the treatment training but absorbing how an aesthetic clinic should operate and Tracey’s first-class business knowledge on running a successful clinic and customer experience.
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