Top Nail Trends Revealed For 2017

Spring is just a few short weeks away (finally!) so now’s the time to start thinking about which trends you’re going to hit and which ones you’re going to ignore. Nail art and polish will always be big news and you can really make or break an outfit with the little details so here are some of the top nail trends for spring 2017.


Two-toned nails

If you’ve got a bit of an edgy look, then the two-tone nail trend is the one for you. Pick your colours wisely, like black and pewter, and you can’t really go wrong.


Light grey

Grey will always be a favourite colour for nails as it looks professional and elegant, and goes with absolutely everything. For spring 2017, just make sure your grey nails are more pastel in colour than anything else and you’ll be onto a winner.



We’ve mentioned pewter already but it ties in with the metallics trend as well. Doll your nails up in copper, brass, silver, gold, bronze the world is your oyster! Or combine this with the two-tone trend for a new take on the look.



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to get a manicure or paint your nails yourself, why don’t you think outside the box a bit and just paint the outer rim of your nails in some glitter polish? This will look understated yet fun and is sure to get you all sorts of compliments from all quarters.


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