Top Beauty Tips Passed Down By Mums

Before you got your beauty tips from the best beauty clinics Huddersfield has to offer, you’ll have had your first introduction to the world of skincare most likely from your mum. Well, it turns out that some 64 per cent of us, especially teens, still trust the advice of good old mum over anyone else when it comes to looking after our skin and hair.

The new study by Look Fabulous Forever and reported by The Telegraph also outlined the tips that have best stuck with us throughout our lives, leading to a definitive top 10 of of beauty tips recommended by the mothers of the UK.

The biggest beauty tip is a lesson always learned firsthand by a woman at some point in her life – take your make-up off before bed – recommended by 56 per cent of mothers, by far and large the most common tip.

When it comes to moisturising, here’s mums advice: cleanse, tone, moisturise twice a day; don’t forget your neck; use a specific eye cream for under eyes and don’t use old creams.

Mums also recommend using sunscreen everyday.

When it comes to make-up, the top tips are as follows; don’t stop your foundation at your chin (make sure you don’t have a mismatched neck); wash your make-up brushes and always choose between a bright lip and bright eye, never both.

So thanks, mums, for all the guidance in beauty tips and to show your gratitude, why not bring them to one of our luxury day spas or buy them a luxury skin treatment?