Tips on How To Become A Top Beauty Blogger

Once you’ve undergone the best beauty treatments Huddersfield has to offer, you’ll want to show your gorgeous skin to the world – so why not turn your love of beauty and learn how to become a top beauty blogger?

Being a beauty blogger, or a successful one at least, can come with some great benefits, such as getting freebies from brands to try out and even being invited to events.

If you fancy giving it a go, here are our top tips gleamed from the worlds of our favourite beauty bloggers.


Be Honest

While you might want your significant other to think you woke up like this the world of the beauty blogger is based in your imperfections. Be honest about the issues you have with your skin and hair and those people who have the same issues will respect and be inspired by you. Let them know if you’ve had any cosmetic procedures done too – they’ll love you more for letting them know.

You’ll also want to know if you’ve been paid to promote a product or whether you’ve been sent the product for free. it’s all well and good showing off a product, but if they think you’re giving an impartial review and end up hating the products themselves, they’ll not trust what you have to say again.


Get the Right Equipment

Videoing yourself in a dark back bedroom isn’t going to let your followers appreciate your insanely good contouring, so invest in some good quality, but inexpensive equipment to make your beauty shine through. Try this list for inspiration and other tips on how to become a beauty blogger, but otherwise, ask social media! One of the trends today is making a make-up blog. Don’t hesitate to ask other bloggers because they will be happy to help.