New Year skin resolutions

New Year is a great time to assess lots of different areas of your life. Whether that’s your relationship status, job, housing choices or something else, making a plan for 2018 and sticking to it could be the best thing you do. Something we often neglect when it comes to making New Year resolutions is our skin. We don’t tend to think about the ways we could treat our skin better, but for most of us there are important changes we could make. So why not make improving your skin a key goal for 2018? There are lots of different ways you can do this. Here are our suggestions for some useful New Year skin resolutions.

  1. Deal with problem areas as soon as they arise

Often, skin problems start small and get bigger. Whether that’s an area of chaffing or a patch of acne, once it has taken hold it’s much easier to spread and the consequences might not be too fun. One resolution could be to check your skin regularly for any problems and take action whenever you notice something starting. To do so it’s worth keeping a few good all-rounder skin products to hand. For example, many people worry about petroleum jelly dangers, however this product is actually triple-purified to remove impurities and even recommended by dermatologists for dry skin. So, put to rest those concerns about possible petroleum jelly dangers and keep a tin to hand so you can nip any potential skin problems in the bud.

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Being well moisturised really is the key to avoiding many problematic skin situations so another great New Year skin resolution is to regularly moisturise. Keep a good quality moisturising product by your bed and apply it at least once a day. Getting into a routine with this can help – for example you could integrate a full-body moisturising session into your bedtime ritual.

  1. Wear sun protection – in all seasons

This is a top tip for anyone who goes out in the sun, whether that’s during hot summer days or in the bright, cold winter-time. It’s easy to forget to protect your skin, but this is absolutely vital to keep it healthy long-term and avoid the risks of health problems later in life. Keep a good quality sun protectant cream in your bag and apply as required when you’re out and about.

  1. Avoid full-time, full coverage

Our last suggestion for great skin next year is to resolve to avoid covering the skin on your face in heavy products for too much of the time. While we all like a bit of foundation now and then, if you are constantly covered in the stuff it’s difficult for the pores to breathe leading to a build-up of bacteria and potentially acne. Instead promise yourself you’ll have at least a couple of foundation free days each week. You’ll really notice the difference.

These are our favourite New Year skin resolutions. Take one or more from the list above, and devise your ideal 2018 skin care routine. Sticking to a new beauty plan for twelve whole months will make you both look and feel great.