New Skincare App Will Guess Your Age

A new app is due to be released in the UK that will guess your age based on a bare photo of your face, and then offer you appropriate skincare advice.

The Telegraph revealed that that app, which has already been launched in the USA, will analyse your skin before asking you about your skincare habits and then suggesting products to help improve your skins condition.

As part of the process, it will also guess your age – which could be a pleasant surprise for some or an unwelcome reality check for others.

The app has been developed by Olay and is primarily designed to help you find the most suitable skincare products for your needs.

It uses a technique called deep learning, which is a complex algorithm based on the way the human brain functions.

Speaking to the newspaper, Jun Xu, one of the team who created the app, explained: The app has learned to perceive age and skin flaws by being shown tens of thousands of ageing faces.

If you decide to give the new app a go and don’t think that standard skin products are enough to get your face looking bright and beautiful, you could find yourself booking a skin rejuvenation at a spa in Huddersfield to give your face the lift it needs.

Skin treatments are designed to address your ageing concerns, as well as to be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Plenty of stars use regular skin treatments to ensure they continue to look fabulous – take Kylie Minogue as an example. It was recently revealed that she favours collagen wave facials.