Meg Matthews Chose Skin Lifting Treatment After Hitting Menopause

Menopause can be a difficult time in a woman’s life, as many feel it is a sign they are getting old or have lost their youthfulness.


For Meg Matthews, ex-wife of British rockstar Noel Gallagher, it made her feel flat and like your life is a little bit over.


That is why she decided to embark on a facial treatment to give her a younger appearance and recapture some of her youth,something many who have skin med facelifts in Huddersfield understand only too well.


The 50-year-old told the Mail Online that she had a particular dislike of her neck, thinking it looked crepey and like a turtle neck. Therefore, she underwent a threadlift treatment that gives a particularly natural look, has minimal recovery time and takes immediate effect.


Everyone says to me you look like you’ve had a good nights sleep and that’s what you want. They don’t go what have you done? What’s different, they just go oh, you look like you’ve been rested, so it works out perfectly, the socialite stated.


Meg chose this procedure in particular, as it helps the body stimulate its own production of collagen by lifting the subcutaneous tissue of the face with surgical threads made out of polylactic acid.


Another fan of skin treatments is 48-year-old Kylie Minogue, who was recently revealed to like collagen wave facials.


A friend of the Australian singer told the newspaper she has such a youthful appearance due to regular top-ups that keep her skin tightened. The facials encourage the production of new collagen by heating up layers of skin and underlying tissue.