Look After Your Neck As Well As Your Face

At a time when a growing number of people are turning to all manner of skin rejuvenation treatments to ensure they retain a youthful looking face, a number of doctors and plastic surgeons have spoken to the New York Times about looking after you neck and chest too.


They point out that it’s important to ensure any youthfulness gained in your face isn’t let down by wrinkled or damaged skin on your neck and chest area, which are commonly neglected in peoples skincare regimes.


Dr Dara Liotta told the newspaper that it’s important to get the right balance between these parts of the body.


A face that looks youthful paired with a neck and chest that show the signs of sun damage and photo-aging can make people look unnatural and done, the doctor stated.


The newspaper explained that the problems people experience with their neck and chest often require multiple treatments, some of which can be performed at beauty clinics in Huddersfield and elsewhere, and others that you can do in your own home.


Smoothing out wrinkles and improving the condition of the skin are what’s required, with Anti wrinkle injectable an appropriate treatment in some circumstances, while treatments that boost collagen production may be more appropriate in others.


Meg Matthews, former wife of Oasis Noel Gallagher, recently told the Mail Online that she was particularly unhappy about how her neck looked following the menopause, and had a threadlift treatment as a result.


She revealed that the treatment resulted in people telling her she looked well rested, rather than assuming she’d had any kind of cosmetic procedure.