Kylie Minogue Stays Youthful With Collagen Wave Facials

There are many skin treatments in Huddersfield men and women can choose from these days if they want to defy the ageing process, from HIFU Lifts to microdermabrasion.

However, one that singer/actress Kylie Minogue favours is a collagen wave facial, which has been revealed as the secret to her youthful-looking skin.

Most people would never guess the Australian star was 48 years old, as she has managed to take care of her skin so well that she could pass for a woman more than half her age these days.

And a friend of the blonde bombshell told the Daily Mail she has done this with help from the non-invasive skin treatment, which uses radio frequency to keep the skin tight and plump.

Collagen waves are utterly painless, and very relaxing, and afterwards her skin is glowing ¦ Kylie believes they have taken years off her, without [giving] her a frozen, unnatural look, it was revealed.

Other celebrity fans of the procedure are Amanda Holden, Mel B and Nicole Scherzinger, according to the publication.

Collagen wave facials work by heating up layers of the skin and underlying tissue, which makes collagen structures tighten up. This then helps produce new collagen, creating a glowing and fresh appearance.

Six to ten sessions are recommended before the patient simply has top-up treatments every few weeks for optimum results.

Of course, this is not the only skin procedure you can opt for if you want to look much younger than your years. Microdermabrasion, for instance, plumps the skin and removes dead cells, while LED light therapy boosts collagen levels, and a glycolic peel gives you radiant-looking skin.