Intimate tightening- a yes or a no?

Bringing and keeping up with this fast moving industry, means bringing treatments that may raise a few eyebrows! Including intimate tightening using hifu. SO what does it do? well it tightens the inside wall of the vagina, supports health and helps with unwanted dryness. Is it just for mature customers ?? I would say it would depend on the individual – have we had children? smoked? had and unhealthy diet? or gained weight. Many factors can change things in the nether regions, and it is fabulous that we can treat all areas of concern and not hide away from the reality that ‘these treatments are wanted/ needed and are being had. A safe, painless and quick effective treatment- what do you all think? Skin Solutions aesthetic clinic which offers a safe face approach and all aspects of new technology/ injectables and fillers, is very excited to bring intimate tightening to Huddersfield. Why not we say!