Free 5* Consultation

Free 5* Consultation

Free 5* Consultation

Confused as to which treatment you need and how they work?

Not to worry, we understand - which is why we offer our prescriptive style consultation to discuss in detail exactly what is right for you.

Prescriptive consultation
Because no two faces are the same

Book your unique prescriptive consultation and get ...
  • A price that suits you
  • A treatment plan on levels of results you wish for
  • A combination of product, technology that is based purely on your skin only.
Our Prescriptive Consultations are unique in the fact that we treat each customer as just that, UNIQUE

Combining world class methods antreatments to match your face/ body skin type.

You will know the difference with our prescriptive treatment plans that are Taylor Made just for you.

There is no one quite like you - so don't settle for an 'off-the peg' service. Book your FREE consultation today. It's all about you.