Which Skin Rejuvenation are Best for Treating Acne?

If you’re suffering with acne problem then you might be interested in the best skin rejuvenation products Huddersfield has to offer. If you want the low down on the best products to tackle your pimple then self.com offers up their top picks.

Top of the list is Salicylic acid this works by breaking down the oil on the surface of the skin with light exfoliation and when browsing the beauty isles in your local store you’ll be sure to find this ingredient in lots of spots fighting products.

Second is Glycolic acid this works by removing a build-up of dead skins cells which can accumulate and block up pore causing spots similar to Salicylic acid you’ll find this product features in many skin care products.

Next up is Benzoyl peroxide this is the perfect product to fight bacteria build-up which is one of the main causes of spots Although beware this may not be the best option for sensitive skin as it can cause dryness, the best advice is to use products with a low percentage of the ingredient in it.

Another product to banish those blemishes is surprisingly sulphur, but be sure the get a peg at the ready as the smell is similar to that of rotten eggs. This works by drying up the pus behind the skin and removing oils.

Last on the list is retinol you be familiar with this ingredient being present in many anti-aging products. This works by fighting spots at their early stage and preventing more from returning. Also be sure to use a low percentage of this ingredient in a carrier product especially for sensitive skins.

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