The Common Increase of Cosmetic Surgery for Men

The increase of cosmetic surgery for men especially celebrities are becoming common, and it seems a growing number of men are not only having the likes of Anti wrinkle injectable and fillers, but also happy to talk about it when asked.

Speaking to the Telegraph, 51 year-old engineer Clark Currie explained that he decided to undergo cosmetic procedures after deciding he looked older than his age. He revealed that he didn’t like meeting other people his own age, because it made him realise how much he’d aged in comparison.

He’s since had a number of procedures, including fillers in his cheeks and jawline, as well as having his eyelids lasered. Mr Currie has also given up smoking and is eating more healthily, but says he’s not ashamed to admit to his cosmetic procedures.

Dr Daniel Sister, a cosmetic doctor, believes that more older men are turning to the likes of Anti Wrinkle Injectable as a result of the jobs market, as well as for their confidence.

If they’re in a client-facing job, or competing with younger colleagues, there’s a commercial edge to looking a bit younger, he stated.

Dr Sister added that the non-surgical options, like Anti Wrinkle Injectable, thread lifts and other skin treatments have made it more attractive for men who now don’t need to take time off work, like they would if they went under the knife.

Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and James Nesbitt are among the celebrities who have all spoken openly about their cosmetic procedures. Last year it was reported that footballer Ronaldo also regularly has Anti wrinkle injectable.

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