Anti Wrinkle Injectable Marks 15th Birthday

Anti Wrinkle Injectable has become a byword for non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the 15 years since it was first granted approval for cosmetic use.

However, Refinery29 points out that although the popular anti-ageing injection is marking its 15th birthday (on 12 April), it has actually been in use to treat medical conditions for a lot longer – since the 1970s in fact.

Speaking to the website, facial plastic surgeon Mr Kambiz Golchin explained that it’s very safe and that the amounts used in cosmetic treatments are considerably smaller than those used for medical treatments.

Children who receive Anti Wrinkle Injectable for cerebral palsy treatment will have about five or six times the amount an adult would have for line-smoothing a year, every few months. It’s incredibly safe, he asserted.

Long-term users of Anti Wrinkle Injectable have also been singing its praises. Australian socialite Christa Billich told that she jumped at the chance to try the non-invasive procedure when it first became available in Sydney 15 years ago.

Now 70, Christa is still having regular Anti Wrinkle Injectable treatments and plans to continue. I was and am hooked, she told the news provider.

She explained that wrinkles begin to soften after the first treatment, and they don’t return provided you keep up with regular injections.

Of course, the image of the treatment has changed over the years too, with more and more younger people choosing to give it a go. In addition, more men are turning to procedures like this to help turn back the clock and give them a more youthful appearance.

If you’ve never tried Anti Wrinkle Injectable, now could be the time. Book a treatment at a beauty clinic in Huddersfield and see what a difference it can make for you.