3 Tipped Cosmetic Industry Trends 2017

When it comes to skincare, there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon and they’re always worth a try (as long as you seek expert advice before trying them out, since everyone’s skin is different and it’s always a good idea to get some help before changing your skincare regime).

Glamour magazine has just revealed which of the ingredients are going to be part of the Cosmetic Industry Trends 2017 in skincare, so listen up! There might be one or two that capture your interest in particular.

The publication cited clay as being one of the hottest products out there right now because it can absorb any excess oil and give you a really lovely natural glow. Bear in mind, however, that this is best for oily skin and if you’re naturally quite dry it would be worth avoiding.

Mushroom extract also received a mention, praised for its anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory properties, while black seed oil (taken from the black cumin seed) has been proven to help regulate the immune cells in the skin so is great for helping people manage conditions like acne and eczema.

Other products you might want to give a go include vitamin C serum, which would be particularly good for your skin. Vitamin C is one of the best ways you can protect your skin so increasing your intake would be advisable. You can do this through your diet as well as through serums and facial oils. Why don’t you try having a glass of water with some lemon squeezed in each morning to get started?

Are you satisfied of the products included in the Cosmetic Industry Trends 2017 for skincare? For a skin boost in Huddersfield, get in touch with us today.